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Intelligent Automation

As passenger numbers continue to grow, the capacity constrained Airports are under constant pressure to enhance the productivity, reliability & availability of existing operations. NIIT Technologies understands the complex operations within airports and leverages Intelligent Automation to build cost effective Bots on top of complex systems, leading to improved efficiency and customer experience.

We use Tron - our Intelligent Automation delivery framework to enable fast-paced operations involving passengers, baggage, cargo, fleet, and terminal services thus driving the productivity, reliability and availability. Our Intelligent-Automation-as-a-service (IA-a-a-S) model, strong domain knowledge, and readymade bots enable airports to smoothly transform operations with scale and ease. NIIT Technologies uses a consultative approach and brings in improved cost savings, revenue and customer satisfaction by performing the following activities:-

  • Automation strategy and roadmap development
  • Process identification and mapping
  • Develop, deploy, configure & support bots

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