Testing CoE for Airlines
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Testing CoE for Airlines

With rising competition and ever-changing market dynamics, it has become increasingly important for airline information systems to be functioning immaculately and seamlessly. Airlines cannot afford to lose revenue or customer loyalty, which may occur due to faulty software. Software testing plays an important role in ensuring airline operations are running smoothly and in line with the business needs.

NIIT Technologies’ Testing Center of Competency (CoE) for airlines, which combines knowledge of airline business processes along with testing capabilities, can help airlines achieve their testing objectives while ensuring systems and processes are functioning optimally.

Key Features

Functional and System Testing

  • Internet booking engine
  • Reservation
  • Fares and pricing
  • Departure control systems
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Document
  • Self-service

Mobile Testing

  • For all popular devices: Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc.
  • For all popular OS: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows

Business Integration Testing

  • Core PSS System
  • Non-Core Direct Impacted Areas
    • Distribution (B2C and B2B)
    • Mobile solutions
    • Loyalty systems
    • Staff and duty travel
    • Flight information display system
    • Agency billing
  • Non-Core Passive Impacted Areas
    • Ground operations system
    • Customer center
    • Movement manager
    • Catering
    • Lounge system

Data Migration Testing

  • PNR
  • Virtual Coupon Record (VCR)
  • Travel bank
  • Profiles
  • EMD

Interface Testing

  • Kiosk
  •  Customer mobile solutions
  •  Travel agency direct connects
  •  Enterprise mobile solutions
  • Loyalty systems and website
  •  Payment gateway
  • Staff and duty travel
  •  Ground operations
  •  Operations (catering)
  •  Contact center systems
  •  ODS interfaces
  •  Enterprise service bus
  •  MQ messaging sub-interfaces (event notifications)
  •  Sabre Web services certification/checks

Regression Testing

  • Defect verification
  • End-to-end regression test of application/interface etc.
  • Risk-Based testing methodology

Performance Testing

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile solutions
  • Loyalty Web front

Automation Testing

  • Automation of Regression Suite
  • Tools—HP and open source
  • Various frameworks—including NIIT Technologies’ ASE2T (Automation Simplified End-to-End Testing) framework

Other Testing Services

  • Cross-browser testing
  • Security testing
  • Operational acceptance testing

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