Personalization for Enhanced Ancillary Revenue and Customer Experience
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Personalization for Enhanced Ancillary Revenue and Customer Experience

Travel enterprises, like other low margin businesses have found themselves in a quandary when it comes to the question of improving profitability. Given the plateauing of fares and rates on base products, they have now turned to looking at ancillary products and services that have the capability to deliver considerably higher profit margins.

Over the past decade, the primary focus to create ancillaries has been un-bundling. However, there is an opportunity to expand beyond these to merchandized products and value-added products and services. To make this strategy effective, the sale of ancillary products and services have to be coupled with excellent customer experience and the products and services have to be in tune with the customer’s needs and desires.

NIIT Technologies PACE (Personalization for enhanced Ancillary revenue and Customer Experience) framework exists to help travel enterprises address this need.

Personalization provides a way to improve customer engagement and experience, while at the same time targeting the customer very effectively for both core products and services as well as ancillaries.

We understand that successful delivery of personalization to the customer demands that enterprises are able to manage the following two key dimensions:

  • Ability to personalize
  • Ability to engineer solutions that deliver personalized engagement

Key features

As a technology solution provider with more than two decades of experience and deep domain knowledge in the travel industry, we help marquee names in the industry improve their delivery of personalization to their customers through its framework.

Our PACE framework encompasses two key components:

  • Assessment Methodology and Tools
  • Ecosystem and Reference Architecture

PACE leverages digital solutions to help the travel industry make the right offer to the right customer at the right time by addressing the following challenges:

  • Obtaining the most relevant insights about the customer
  • Ensuring insights are available for customer engagement through efficient integration
  • Ensuring a seamless, consistent experience across all channels of customer engagement.

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