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Real Time Analytics

Real-time cognitive and contextual awareness are the needs of a digitally congruent airline but a siloed and heterogeneous system landscape has hindered the digital journey of many airlines. Our expertise in data integration platforms and predicting corrective measures using artificial intellence and machine learning has helped airlines improve their key performance indicators like on-time performance, customer satisfaction index, average revenue per passenger etc. Our solutions and services allow airlines to gain unprecedented visibility into the operations, customer journey issues, and revenue opportunities.

  • Revenue increment and protection
    • Push personalized and contextually aware offers in real time
    • Enable revenue integrity through real time identification of duplicate booking, married segment abuses, booking class violation etc.
    • Automate and near real time confirmation of waitlisted segments with higher priced ticket being given higher priority
  • Customer satisfaction
    • Enable customer feedback in real time
    • High priority to high value customer in case of disruption
    • Inform cabin crew about service disruptions encountered by passengers
  • Real Time Processing
    • Reduce manual work and errors of booking queues
    • Processing and analysis to reduce delays in check-in during disruptions
Real Time Analytics
Why Us ?
  • Saved effort of USD 1 million through real-time automation
  • Improved OTP of airlines through automation of key processes causing delays
  • Offered personalized and contextually-aware promotions leading to a 30% increase in conversion rate

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