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Broadcasting Solutions

Technological advancement, entrepreneurial initiatives, and innovation over the last decade have changed the broadcasting industry forever. Not only does the average viewer spend a major part of the day browsing, watching, or listening to audio-visual content on multiple devices, s/he also demands to be shown what s/he wants when s/he wants. NIIT Technologies brings deep and strategic experience to arm broadcasters with the ability to match the positioning demands of their agencies across varied demographics and over multiple platforms, with an ever-growing range of choice and diversity.

NIIT Technologies has more than a decade of experience partnering with one of the premier public broadcasting houses in the UK to help run their airtime sales management system. We successfully joined hands in transforming their business from a primarily analogue-heavy linear model to a more digital-centric online transmission, reinforcing their reputation as a leading innovator in the market.

Working with industry experts, NIIT Technologies offers a pool of technical and functional experts with a deep understanding of the broadcasting and media industry, both traditional linear and online. Our solutions have helped our partners stay competitive in the traditional linear market, as well as in emerging sectors. As agencies demand more precise targeting of audiences with respect to demographics, programs, viewing hours, days of the week, and chosen genre, we have the resources to partner with clients to meet their viewers’ expectations and ensure delivery targets.

Our carefully selected partnerships bring the critical depth of experience and speed-to-market required to help our clients overcome challenges in select industry segments and business areas.

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The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Talented pool of functional and technical experts with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Over a decade of experience of partnership in the UK market
  • Abreast with the UK statutory body requirements for the industry
  • Extensive experience with standard third-party providers and consumers in the UK market
  • Proven processes and onsite–offshore model
  • Quick adaptability to new and emerging technologies

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