Insurance Industrialized Test Centre of Excellence
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Insurance Industrialized Test Centre of Excellence

What are insurers looking for to ensure the quality assurance of products?

How do they guarantee this? How do they keep ahead of the competition?

There has been a rapid rise in customers demanding more control over their online interactions with insurers.

Time-to-market (TTM) is a critical success factor for new product innovations and launches, and first time right quality testing is the key to reduced TTM. This has led to insurers having to redesign and restructure their prevalent IT business processes and strategies. Therefore, the need for a service landscape and speed to market has risen. NIIT Technologies’ industrialized test center of excellence (iTCoE) helps insurers deliver a high-quality service experience while achieving streamlined processes.

The majority of organizations want to deploy their software systems/set up new products faster than their competitors do. They tend to rush the testing phase, which puts quality at the risk of being compromised. This can lead to substantial rework and results in increased support and maintenance costs for the software and longer TTM cycles. On the other hand, organizations, in their zeal for quality, may have redundant processes/methods in their quality process, leading to a longer test cycle. Organizations must strive to find an optimal solution with the trade-off of assuring quality while reducing project costs and test schedules.

NIIT Technologies understands the business challenges that the insurance industry must tackle and thus offers a solution—iTCoE—to address these challenges.

An iTCoE scores over a traditional TCoE, as it comes complete with LOB-based process flows, use cases, and test scenarios, and it enables:

  • Business-driven testing vs. IT-driven testing

  • Risk-based testing for critical modules

  • Optimization of test coverage based on assessed risks

  • Reduced transition times from current testing team or project BA.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

By partnering with us, you will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs and scaled-down time efforts: We drive a significant reduction in your operational costs and improve the product TTM, ensuring you experience a tangible result in near real-time

  • Industrialized processes: The iTCoE framework uses industry standard process flows, use cases, and test scenarios that cater to all insurance process areas, namely underwriting, billing, auditing, and claims administration, while offering the flexibility of adding/modifying test coverage for specific needs

  • Domain SME: A dedicated team of insurance domain-certified professionals and diligent solutions experts has vast experience in successfully delivering insurance solutions

  • Platform testing/core app expertise: Testing team professionals have a proven record of testing the core applications, including Duck Creek, Guidewire, wMA, and Vantage. The relevant experience of a highly integrated team is the key factor to generating better product quality

  • iRBT: A risk-based testing solution for a multi-dimensional impact analysis of risk factors related to software testing. All dimensions along with these two factors are weighted, scored, and assigned to test scenarios based on a rating scale to ensure precision in rating and calculating RBT scores

  • Vast test assets: Reusable automation frameworks and NFR test scenarios. Licensed and open source tools are used to systematically maintain and manage the dispersed test assets. Standardized metrics are used to benchmark the productivity attribute of the testing team and to evaluate project health for stakeholders and senior management

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