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Reinsurance & Large Commercial Testing Services

How do companies adapt to the constant changes in the technological world?

Is there a comprehensive solution to adapt to these changes?

Today’s ever-evolving and complex business scenario compels organizations across industries to adopt newer technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. Quick yet exhaustive testing is therefore a critical determinant of the adopted technology’s impact on business and ROI. The testing practice at NIIT Technologies brings in rigorous validation methodologies that reduce defects in every stage of the SDLC. Our best of breed testing skills, ROI-based validation strategies, risk-based test effort optimization, increased productivity through automation, and end-to-end testing solutions ensure enhanced delivery confidence, predictable time-to-market, and a lowered cost of ownership for our clients.

NIIT Tech is an SEI-CMMi 5 (Version 1.2), PCMM 5, and ISO: 27001 and ISO: 20000-certified company. Our quality assurance processes, standards, and SLTs are classified in our QMS manual, which is based on the above-mentioned standards. Our quality and service management policy is part of our business policy. Our testing programs are audited, leveraging the TPI/TMMi framework for test process improvements.

Our testing methodology (“W Model”) covers the entire gamut, from requirements to releases, and it addresses all aspects of testing that ought to be followed by an independent testing team. The other models that we use are:

  • Agile models, such as Scrum/Test Driven Development

  • Spiral models

  • Iterative models

NIIT Technologies provides testing services with a variety of options and has the ability to support end-to-end testing requirements. NIIT Technologies’ testing services are structured to work in a fully integrated environment with other IT solution suppliers and across business organizations and sectors. We execute our SLA-based testing solutions on our dual-shore model for continuous operation and improvements. We cover the full lifecycle of software projects.

NIIT Technologies has made significant investments in domain testing accelerators for its industry verticals to:

  • Drive the focus of system integration testing to business-relevant testing

  • Ensure optimum testing coverage

  • Reduce dependency on in-house SMEs and domain experts

Our insurance-specific testing offering includes:

  • Test bed creation and execution expertise across the insurance line of business (LOB) value chain, including property and casualty (personal lines, commercial lines, reinsurance) and life and annuity

  • Business testing: Insurance domain testing framework (comprising domain test cases)

  • Migration testing of legacy apps to the cloud, SaaS, and SOA

  • Industrialized testing CoE: a framework and proven model that brings efficiencies and standardization to ensure reliability, high availability, and stability for the applications being tested

NIIT Technologies Advantage

By partnering with us, you will benefit from:

  • Dedicated pool of certified professionals with domain SMEs, test SMEs, and leads with a LOB-centric approach

  • Shared pool of automation and regression testers

  • Testing process maturity facilitators and automation frameworks

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