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Property & Casualty Business Testing

How do insurers secure their reliability?

Are they doing enough, or are they missing a vital point?

Failure can be costly for insurers. A delayed transaction or a mishandled claim could result in damage to their reputation and business. To make certain that their IT systems do not fail, the final step of their implementation process must be business testing.

NIIT Technologies’ robust insurance business testing offering ensures glitches are identified and rectified before the system goes live.

Insurers need to increase capital and grow, and this is forcing them to reassess existing business models and processes. Time-to-market (TTM) is a critical success factor for new product innovation and launch. First time right quality testing is the key to reduced TTM. The majority of organizations want to deploy their software systems and set up new products faster than their competitors. They tend to rush the testing phase, which puts quality at the risk of being compromised. Business testing is the final stage of the implementation process, which is conducted to ensure that system requirements meet business needs.

The business testing process allows any issues to be fixed before the system goes live. Business testing has its own challenges, e.g., availability of SMEs/business users, time limitation for business testing, etc. Organizations must strive to find an optimal solution with the trade-off of assuring quality while reducing project costs and test schedules.

NIIT Technologies’ solution for business-testing challenges is iRBT, which provides a method of focusing testing on critical areas by prioritizing test scenarios in software based on the risk of a business impact attributed to the failure of a software component and on the likelihood of the failure occurring.

Risk-based testing scores over the traditional type of test prioritization enable:

  • A holistic impact assessment based on multiple dimensions of business and implementation

  • Team focus on issues of critical importance that might significantly affect the customer and a selective exclusion of areas that do not have a significant impact from the viewpoint of test execution

  • Early detection of potentially serious problems in testing

  • Optimization of test coverage based on assessed risks

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

By partnering with us, you will benefit from:

  • Early detection of business-critical defects

  • Better resource utilization

  • Minimal dependency on high time-constrained business users during the business testing cycle

  • Optimum test coverage and enhanced automation

  • Time-to-market

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