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Insurance IT Infrastructure Management Solutions

What are insurers looking for when it comes to boosting business efficiency?

Is it the need for greater control, or is it flexibility?

This is the unique challenge of the digital age. With the explosion of data, insurance companies are constantly grappling with challenges in data governance, data accuracy, compliance requirements, and risk management—needing services that can up the game for both business and technical performance.

NIIT Technologies helps design, build, and implement a responsive IT infrastructure and provides value-added services to optimize operations across the organization.

Globalization and the rapid proliferation of the Internet have reduced market barriers, increased competition, and raised customer expectations for high-quality experiences. To support these intensified business activities, the underlying IT infrastructure must be readily available, agile, and scalable. This has given rise to the demand for hybrid IT environments as a service, including an internal IT system with external options (cloud, datacenters, etc.)

Infrastructure management solutions must be integrated so they provide transparency, flexibility, SLA adherence, and, above all, value creation.

We identify changes in the landscape, long before they can affect your business prospects, and we deliver solutions tailor-made to your requirements. With us, you can experience measurable and tangible business benefits as you move toward a robust IT infrastructure.

Our insurance IT infrastructure management solutions cover the whole gamut — we provide accurate data management and analysis, introduction and management of products and services, application operations management, enterprise management, and more.

  • Application performance management

  • PEGA 7 landscape management

  • NITL application on cloud

  • Data management/analytics landscape management/data archiving

  • Mainframe migration to LINUX

  • Dev and test environment management

  • Cyber security

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

By partnering with us, you benefit from:

  • Responsive and evolved IT services: Our rich repository of tools, extensive domain knowledge, and technological expertise help us predict your needs and serve you better. Our understanding of the market ensures you are always prepared for the next disruption in the horizon

  • Reduced costs and scaled-down time efforts: We drive a significant reduction in your operational costs and improve the product time-to-market, ensuring you experience tangible results in near real-time

  • Heightened customer satisfaction: We enhance the customer experience by streamlining processes across business functions and by boosting information flow and transparency

  • Strong partner ecosystem

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