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Digital Analytics for Banking

Understanding customers and customer behaviors is critical to business continuity and success. Identifying new customers, finding the right resources, enabling cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, ensuring customer loyalty and preventing churn, and evaluating customer opinions are initiatives that companies must undertake to stay competitive. However, poor knowledge of customer needs outside of transactional services, as well as handling large amounts of data can be a daunting task. NIIT Technologies’ Digital Foresight® solution employs advanced predictive analytics to deliver actionable insights to reduce customer churn and grow your business by interpreting customers better.

Our Digital Foresight® solution offers a clearly defined and measurable outcome against which we measure success. These are:

  • Customer churn and high-value target prospecting
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Behavioral risk scorecards
  • Search analytics
  • Route optimization
  • Cross-sell/up-sell
  • Loyalty analytics

Key Features

The solution is designed as a layered platform where:

  • Data forms the base layer and includes both internal and external data sets
  • The Digital Foresight® layer includes real-time live social media and all source data by using the Digital Foresight® Analytics layer models that include:
  • Pattern of life
  • Signature analysis
  • Behavior trajectory
  • Geospatial intelligence
  • Custom oncology
  • Graphed data and entity matching

Digital Foresight® is uniquely positioned to lead customer target market research and optimize your understanding using advanced data science-driven services by:

  • Critically focusing on developing actionable insights into specific client behaviors
  • Identifying high-value customers and their immediate or rapidly emerging predispositions
  • Streamlining the dissemination of actionable insights to your team in real time and relevant output to curtail customer churn
  • Identify high-value target prospects that have an affinity to your customer base
  • Identify your best targets for specific products, such as student loans, or variable annuities, and other products

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Strategic alliances with multiple providers, including those of robotic process automation (RPA) and digital services
  • Deep domain and consulting expertise
  • Real-time and anytime performance monitoring globally of RPA
  • Implementation of business use cases by Digital, Analytics, and Data Management Centers of Competency
  • Easy and seamless integration with third-party applications, enabling straight-through processing

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