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Banking Business Process Services

NIIT Technologies is a full spectrum integrated business process services provider. We have adopted a customer-centric approach to business process services. Whether it is a unified solution-process excellence or an integrated IT-BPO solution, NIIT Technologies has developed a business model that delivers a strong and strategic partnership. Our integrated service framework helps us re-engineer processes, resulting in cost rationalization, productivity enhancement and service quality improvement for our banking clients in areas of customer services, onboarding, risk, fraud, data, and finance & accounting.

We understand the challenges posed by a need for continuously enhancing customer satisfaction along with reducing operational costs and increasing revenues. To that end, we partner with all of our clients, bringing our innovative solutions, stringent quality standards, highly skilled banking resources, and investments in technology to the engagement. We also use proprietary tools and frameworks to add value to our clients.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

Industry leading ProcessGymSM is a consultative approach of NIIT Technologies designed to create frictionless operations by eliminating waste, optimizing service delivery and reducing risks. It facilitates creation of a framework that helps reduce costs and defects, improve productivity and reduce time-to-market.

NIIT Technologies Intelligent Automation Framework, in partnership with a leading European robotic technology firm (UiPath) provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services including development and deployment through a robust RPA delivery methodology.

TermsMonitorTM, our in-house developed workflow management tool, provides real-time monitoring and performance dashboards.

K-Portal (Knowledge Support System) enables capture of process knowledge for continuous process improvement.

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