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Banking Client Onboarding

As financial institutions move toward becoming more customer-focused and profitable, the spotlight is on an adept, digital, agile, and versatile onboarding process. A user-friendly onboarding process creates a long-lasting and favorable first impression on clients and impacts revenue in-flows. NIIT Technologies, with extensive experience in IT and BPO across the wealth management landscape, helps deliver a compliant, efficient client onboarding solution, setting the best possible foundation for client relationships.

NIIT Technologies’ BPM-based client onboarding and account management solution enables firms to go paperless and virtually eliminate not-in-good-order (NIGO) transactions. The solution can be integrated in a few weeks’ time to revamp hundreds of manual and disconnected processes into a single, streamlined onboarding process. It delivers a seamless, multi-channel experience that spans the entire client lifecycle.

We offer a mobile, customized-for-specific-jurisdiction onboarding solution that can significantly help wealth advisors gain new clients while ensuring compliance to know your customer (KYC) and other regulations. While the solution competently incorporates the key components of onboarding, financial planning, client contacting, and client meeting, it also provides customer relationship management (CRM) and reporting functionalities.

Key Features

IT-based Offerings

  • Client onboarding workflow design
  • Enablement and integration of platform components
  • Automation of client/account management processes via workflow solutions
  • Unified GUI for onboarding with a rules engine
  • Workflows to automate routine tasks and complex processes, including hand-offs
  • Integration with accounting platform, imaging/document management, KYC, and CRM systems
  • Reporting dashboard that allows users to see request statuses in real-time with alerts/notifications
  • Tablet/mobile interface
  • Multi-channel support
  • Salesforce Developer Community (SDC) CRM and wealth advisor desktop solutions

Business Offerings

Through working with leading financial service firms, we have developed expertise on client onboarding. All our solutions are well adapted to changing regulations.

  • Client data maintenance services
  • KYC operating model definition and implementation
  • Compliance services (KYC/FATCA) involving both platform implementation and operations management
  • Onboarding, offboarding, and account maintenance processes

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of independent broker-dealers, investment- and fund-processing solution providers, and private banking and investment management firms in the capital markets space
  • Innovative, cost-effective technology solutions that enhance business productivity
  • The re-engineering of client onboarding and account maintenance business processes (e-account opening, free asset movement, etc.) to deliver significant improvements and cost-savings in operations
  • IT solutions and managed business operations in the account opening and accounts administration space for a diverse set of clients
  • Streamlining of the manual new account opening functionality for a large independent broker-dealer
  • The provision of services such as application development, maintenance, and support for advisor-facing applications, as well as facilitated operations for account administration, AML/KYC/fraud monitoring, and account transfers for a global financial services firm

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