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Asset Management - Application Development and Management

Today’s enterprises expect IT systems to provide an innovative edge to the business by implementing a unique and disruptive business outcome. To remain competitive, the systems should be capable of innovating at a faster pace and lower cost. Digital innovation, customer experience, distributed platforms, and the need for automation characterize the ask in today’s scenario.

This calls for innovation partners who understand your business, who can provide customized solutions, and who can leverage new technologies and methodologies for a beneficial outcome.

At NIIT Technologies, we rely on our in-depth experience in developing and managing the enterprise systems of various Fortune 1000 companies to offer you scalable end-to-end custom solutions. Capital market firms are the foothold of economic sustainability for various participants and customers. Asset management firms are continuously evolving with regulatory changes and investor preferences. Our solution offerings and experience in asset management, with a focus on key business areas, including investment processing, investment reporting, risk and compliance, securities processing, and corporate actions, are seamlessly integrated to deliver the best customer experience. We have deep expertise in:

  • Delivering tailor-made vertical solutions
  • Utilizing global agile, continuous delivery, and lean principles to deliver these systems quickly and with the least wastage
  • Providing end-to-end testing services
  • Vertically structured managed support engagements

The combination of methodologies, processes, culture, domain understanding, and solution strives to provide the desired business outcome with a high operational efficiency and faster time-to-market.

Our services under application development and management include:

  • Application development Services to define, design, and build solutions that meet your business needs. This includes global agile, continuous delivery, and automation services
  • Application management Services to deliver outcome-based business process optimization and improvement benefits, resulting in higher service levels and efficiencies through the adoption of lean principles. This service includes application modernization, renewal, and decommissioning services
  • Value-added end-to-end testing solutions to deliver the desired business outcome through the independent validation and verification of applications and products by using tools and automation effectively across the test lifecycle

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • End-to-end portfolio of applications development and management solutions, which are integrated into the businesses of enterprises
  • Domain and technology efficiencies based on specialists addressing company needs
  • A global agile framework that enables the benefit of speed, scale, and certainty in distributed agile programs, leading to business agility
  • Full lifecycle automation through tools and custom frameworks, leading to improved productivity and time-to-market
  • Lean principles-based application management, leading to better cost efficiencies and streamlined processes

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