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Smart IT

The scale and complexity of routine, rule-based tasks are pushing businesses to think beyond the normal. They are looking for intelligent automation that can improve complex problem-solving, risk-analysis, and decision-making capabilities, and enable workforce to achieve significant productivity gains. Through our Smart IT initiative, we deliver an automation strategy focused on delivering superior customer experience, contextualizing client’s automation needs, and weaving automation as a culture in ongoing engagements.

NIIT Technologies’ Tron SMART AUTOMATION as an end-to-end automation platform consolidates innovative technologies, practices, and tools for business transformation and delivering more value.

Leveraging advanced technologies like Robotics, Analytics, and AI, our Tron SMART AUTOMATION platform enables enterprises to deliver business agility, self-enablement, and superior experiences.

The platform embeds best-in-class technologies/IPs, autonomics, and their orchestration in business with an objective to increase automation and/or set an incremental automation path for creating superior customer experiences and agile outcomes.

Using an automation maturity model for assessment of enterprise maturity level across verticals and service lines, the platform has helped clients transform their businesses and become more agile, efficient, and responsive.

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Alliances and Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to drive automation and left shift to identify and resolve customer problems early in the process.