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NIIT Technologies and its group companies ("NIIT") have realized that various individuals/ entities represent themselves as recruiters for NIIT and are contacting people offering false employment opportunities and are taking personal details and money in the name of NIIT. We take such matters extremely seriously and work with the appropriate legal authorities to check fraudulent activities. We, as a company, believe in avoiding and stopping such practices by making you aware through this notification. NIIT clarifies that no such letter or offer or monies taken, in any circumstance, give rise to any liability towards NIIT.

Jobseekers suggested checks:

  • Check and verify the details of the person offering employment and asking for your details.
  • Do not disclose your personal or financial details. We do not request for financial information during the process of employment from any domain name except niit-
  • No money is asked by NIIT from job applicants or contractors.
  • NIIT always uses its name on the letterhead for recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms, and conditions of employment or visa forms.
  • NIIT does not use free web-based email accounts such as,,,,, etc. NIIT communicates with job applicants through their official id, i.e., only.
  • If the job applicant has any doubt, please check with us at the following –
  • US positions - email id - contact number - +1-678-463-2360
    • For the USA: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is aware of these fake emails. Please contact them at in case you receive any such emails/contact.

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