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Transforming the SAP Landscape: Thoughts from the South Asia Region

Businesses today are driven to transformation as a result of dynamic market forces, stringent regulatory environments, competitive markets, and demanding customers. Information Technology (IT) has a critical role to play in this transformation. As markets evolve and customers change, organizations will need to incorporate new technologies to stay competitive. However, with growing businesses, there is also a need to optimize costs and IT budgets are under constraints. Organizations need to manage their existing IT infrastructure while incorporating new technologies. IT teams need to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, automate functions, while optimizing costs. Today, smart businesses are aggressively adopting cloud, social, mobility, and digital technologies to stay ahead of the competition. And the IT operations must play a large part in this transformation.

The competitive business environments compel companies to focus on delivering effectiveness and efficiency across all the business functions. The underlying IT infrastructure is the backbone of this business environment. Organizations need to optimize the infrastructure landscape to not just optimize costs but also improve efficiencies. Today’s organizations also generate vast amounts of data because of these new and disruptive technologies. The key to success is leveraging analytics to gain insights to improve business outcomes.

Agility and Real time Analytics with SAP HANA

Approximately 74% of the transactions are processed globally by an SAP system. However, to meet growing challenges brought on by technological advances such as Internet of Things (IoT), digitization and cloud, SAP introduced HANA in 2011. SAP’s HANA is an in-memory platform that combines an ACID-compliant database with advanced data processing, application services, and flexible data integration services. Such a platform helps businesses simplify operations while accelerating application responsiveness; developing new generation applications, and gaining access to data. This proprietary in-memory database technology is able to handle large amounts of data with agility. Befitting the market dynamics, SAP’s highest priority for this year is HANA conversions and cloud.  SAP also presented 76 SAP ‘Regional Partner Excellence Awards 2016’ with the highest focus on SAP HANA transformations.

South Asia is emerging as the world’s third largest labor force. As a growing consumer market, the countries in this region also have well-established manufacturing, trade, and retail sectors. With the emergence of SMAC and the system of engagement transformation, HANA features such as in-memory computing play a vital role especially in these industries. SAP S/4HANA has also gained traction in this region with over 370 customers, including 50+ in Thailand in 2015-16.

Meeting Our Clients’ Transformation Goals

At NIIT Technologies, we ensure unprecedented levels of performance, availability and reliability; while meeting our clients’ demanding expectations and ensuring their SAP application landscapes run 24/7. Our ability to leverage powerful integration across tools makes us stand apart from our competitors.

Case Study: Enabling Global Business Transformation Initiatives for a Materials and Aggregates Company

Growing complexity of local and regional SAP landscapes, and distributed operations need the capabilities of an enabler that can provide greater control over SAP systems at multiple locations and synchronize their highly decentralized operations. The client, a global building materials and aggregates company, keen on faster growth, partnered with NIIT Technologies for our ability to provide new ideas. We successfully provided greater control and visibility into processes, and were able to support the client’s continued growth and expansion plans. We also offered catalogue-based services in the countries in which the client operated.

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