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Three Tips for Getting a 360° View of Your Airline Customer

Do you know what your customers are doing?

It’s a simple “yes” or “no” question, but if you ask around in your sector—or even ask people in your company—you might be surprised at the response. Some people will hem and haw, others will spout off a few key buzzwords that cover for their lack of understanding of customer behavior.

But rarely will you get a straight answer: “yes, I can tell you all about our customers.”

A business leader who truly has a “360°” view of their airline customer will be able to answer with the latter. If you can collect customer data, analyze it properly, and employ a Customer Centricity Model that focuses on optimizing the way your company interacts with its customers, you’ll be able to offer innovative solutions that solve real customer problems:

customer centricity model

1. Collect: Seek a Meaningful Sample Size

Data collection is the foundation of everything you do in the Customer Centricity Model. If you don’t understand who your customers are or how they behave, you won’t be able to make life easier on them—and you certainly won’t be able to sell to them. With this kind of data properly stored, businesses can tailor the proper solutions that their customers need—encouraging repeat business and word-of-mouth reputation.

“But I’ve already got mountains of data,” you might complain. That’s great—but you have to know how to put that data to work:

2. Analyze: Find the Key Perspectives for Identifying Customer Needs

With the data in hand, the next step is to create customer profiles. For example, airlines could identify frequent fliers and learn more about their customers based on how they book their tickets, the locations to which they fly, and more. The important concept: the Customer Centricity Model. Analyze data from their perspective and learn their key behaviors before you even think about new innovations.

The perspective from which you view your customers can vary widely: you can analyze data from the angles of marketing, revenue, sales, scheduling, pricing, etc. The key to your success? Don’t just pick one. Take care to analyze your customers from every perspective to get a true sense of who they are and what specific innovations they need.

3. Utilize: Use data to drive innovation in customer solutions.

Once you analyze your data, the key to driving innovation is simple: use your new perspectives to identify your customers’ chief problems, and then set about solving them.

For frequent fliers, for example, you can create a customer loyalty program that will reward them when utilizing your fares. If you find that too many customers have trouble finding simple ways to book flights with your airline, simplify your web portals.

The Customer Centricity Model won’t only help you better understand their needs—it will help you identify areas in which your airline is lacking in service and real solutions. Do this, and the next time someone asks you if you know what your customers are doing, you can answer “yes” without hesitation.

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