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Next stop Orlando, all change please

They say that change is good and after 18 years with the same software vendor I thought a change for me was well overdue and so at my sixth IASA Conference I’m attending for the first time with NITL the insurance software business part of NIIT Technologies. A strange experience for me being the new boy after so long with the same company, but now six weeks in I’m totally immersed and can attest to the fact that change is indeed good. It is probably true to say that there is no growth without change both personally and in business, but for the commercial insurance industry that seems to be a lesson that we’re slow to learn at least as far as technology is concerned. Change and technology are synonymous but the application of that change in the commercial space is perhaps a little harder to realise than in other sectors and that’s where innovative software vendors need to step in and make the case for change clear. Our cousins in the Personal lines space seem to accept and embrace technology change and lead the way with their customer’s digital experience developing new products that capitalise on innovations such as connected homes, driver telematics and wearable devices. The time has surely come for their commercial counterparts to embrace these insuretech opportunities and enable themselves for the digital era.

This year’s IASA conference will as always be pushing the technology and innovation agenda with a great line up including over 80 educational sessions, three stand out keynote speakers, ‘C’ level roundtables and over 200 product vendor and service provider exhibitors in the main conference hall. The keynote speakers again promise to be informative, entertaining and as we’re in Orlando hopefully sprinkling a little Disney magic. Looking at their predecessors including Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Condoleezza Rice we’d expect nothing less….no pressure! I’m particularly looking forward to listening to the adventure racer, author and motivational speaker Robyn Benincasa with her session on ‘Why winners win’. Robyn’s resume is packed with the very toughest and most extreme challenges the world has to offer and I’m looking forward to hearing how these experiences have shaped her views on teamwork, leadership and performance. In addition to the formal sessions and presentations IASA’s annual conference is the #1 event for networking and catching up with contacts and colleagues from the insurance industry and with this year’s location in sunny Florida it should be pretty easy to have a good time with friends old and new.

So what else am I looking for from this year’s conference? For NITL it’s primarily about awareness and getting the NITL name and our capabilities known and understood in the US marketplace. The digital era for commercial P&C and Specialty insurers is here now and our aim is to support and collaborate in our customer’s digital agendas by providing an innovative new future for insurance software incorporating transformative technologies such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.  Our strategy strives not only to enable and connect our traditional Policy Administration and Risk & Exposure management software products but also to provide an accessible digital ecosystem delivering a new platform from which our customers can take advantage of the advances in digital technology. In essence and as our tag line says we are re-imagining insurance software! 

I couldn’t leave this blog without a particularly relevant quote from the great Walt Disney “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future”. So if you are attending IASA this year and would like to find out a little more about NITL and our parent NIIT Technologies please call round at our booth #318, we can guarantee a warm welcome.

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