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The New Digital Operating Model … What’s Your DOM ?

With the increasing velocity of digital devices being released and evolving digital business models attacking every industry, every organization must define how their business will function today, tomorrow, and in the future in this emerging age of digital. This is known as your Digital Operating Model (DOM). DOM will pass through various states as the business model changes and evolves over time in response to market changes and competitive pressures requiring constantly new and improved Digital capabilities.

Your DOM comprises an integrated view of:

  •     Operations
    •     organizational components
    •     processes
    •     people
    •     products
    •     markets
    •     transformation and business strategies
  •     Technology enabled
    •     digital experiences (UX web, mobile, social, messaging, devices, personalization)
    •     analytics & data
    •     integrations (of digital to non-digital or legacy technologies and digital to digital technologies),
    •     underlying infrastructure (secure, reliable, available, public, and private including cloud)
    •     supporting technology architecture that enables all of these components  

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