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DevOps and SAP: Bringing the Aliens Together

SAP systems are constantly in need of change, whether it is regular maintenance upgrades, new business requirements or process changes. DevOps helps to develop high quality and stable solutions to respond to these changing business demands.

Many organizations believe that SAP being a legacy application cannot collaborate well with the DevOps principle in today’s competitive business environment. But in fact, DevOps principles can easily be applied to the SAP environment - bringing together both innovation and stability. A “Puppet Labs 2015 State of DevOps Report” states that IT organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently and 200 times faster (deployment lead time) with SAP-DevOps collaboration. They also have 60 percent fewer failures and recover 168 times faster.

Organizations need to implement DevOps principles with the help of cross-skill teams to deliver faster and better quality solutions. This also requires standardizing functions and redefining processes to improve productivity and maximize value. In addition, bringing in automation using the SAP Solution Manager can help solve complexities of implementation, operations and business.

DevOps functionality is a key driver for adapting to the SAP Solution Manager today. However, in some areas we need to intigrate the SAP Solution Manager with other industry standard tools to bring completeness in the automated framework of DevOps and service management.

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