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Conquer Media Disruption: Reduce Expenses by up to 25% with an Integrated Media Services Platform

Through our experience working with media companies, we’ve found up to 30% of revenue and 20% of time spent has little to do with publishing content. Every company operates differently, but in the media industry, time and costs spent on day-to-day operations must be reduced with every disruption to the industry.

With falling revenues, cutting delivery and customer costs is critical … but there is good news. Did you know that through 2017, at least 70% of media companies will be able to save as much as 25% of their expenses?

How? Through reducing their costs in infrastructure and operations – and through exploring innovative solutions, such as NIIT Technologies Media Services Platform, which deliver front- and back-office solutions, enhancing competitiveness across your enterprise and supporting growth in digital and emerging revenue streams in media.

Integrated Platform Increases Competitiveness Despite Disruptions

Changes in the media business landscape aren’t just driven by rapid changes in technology. The rapidly evolving requirements of consumers and advertisers mean media operations must meet these needs by offering flexible, variable cost structures and on-demand scalability.

Media platform-based offerings take an integrated approach to infrastructure, applications, customer care, business services, and creative services. NIIT Technologies offers a platform where companies can select the specific solutions they require or adopt the entire platform.

This spectrum of solutions and business services is based on industry best practices and decades of experience in business solutions for the media industry. The platform includes:

  • Infrastructure Services, which deliver value through secure solutions for data centers, proactive performance monitoring, and cloud-based offerings. This lowers overall capital investments.
  • Applications Services, which optimize the development, testing, and modernization of applications to improve integration of content and advertising across platforms.
  • Customer Care, which helps companies generate more revenue through customer service (acquisition, retention, up-selling and cross-selling) as well as sales and telemarketing.
  • Business Services, through a dual-shore delivery model, offer round-the-clock availability and strong systems knowledge for finance and accounting. This maximizes savings and efficiencies and increases quality with a dedicated quality control staff.
  • Creative Services, which improve workflow with multi-location support to most effectively utilize knowledge and experience, minimize risks and save costs through full-service production and operations teams.

These five “pillars,” which can be selected individually and integrated based on your business to provide flexibility, can address vital media needs while reducing costs and overcoming challenges in innovation. When you realize just how far each of these five “arms” extend through media companies, you can identify many areas where opportunities exist to cut costs, increase revenue, and create new efficiencies.

The platform also provides cutting-edge automation solutions leveraging artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and natural language interaction to provide business agility to our clients.

Working with NIIT Technologies can Change Your Business

NIIT Technologies has been at the forefront of helping media companies adapt and thrive through the major changes in the world of media. Our keys to utilizing and optimizing these five areas for our customers are:

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is at the heart of everything we offer in the Integrated Media Platform, because it asks the central question of what you need to continue to provide the best quality of content while reducing overhead.
  • Growth: With growth comes new opportunities for efficiency – but only if growth is properly managed.
  • Cost Variability: Understanding cost variability is complex for any business. In media it’s just as difficult. NIIT Technologies can help your enterprise better understand cost variability as it applies to the next stages of your continuous transformation.

Our innovative solutions have helped companies like yours flourish amongst the disruption – whether helping newspaper companies solve problems in circulation and advertising, or reducing power usage by 30% through an infrastructure transformation (servers, networks, and back-ups).

Across different media operations, NIIT Tech helps create value through consolidation, automation, and increased efficiencies at every level. In the world of innovation, we’ve helped media companies identify new products and services in order to survive in an ever-changing media landscape.


Learn how NIIT Tech can help you identify efficiencies and create innovations to stay nimble with our integrated media platform. Through scalable process delivery and customer service, our platform accelerates profitability and helps you conquer media disruption.

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