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Can Effective Customer Care Increase Profits in the Media Industry?

According to the Harvard Business Review, there is a strong direct link between a company’s employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability – called the Service-Profit Chain. Customer loyalty follows from customer satisfaction, which builds by meeting and exceeding the expectations of subscribers. High customer satisfaction cannot be underestimated.


Mike Hohnen, a service management specialist, describes the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as a hockey stick-shaped curve when graphed.

“From deeply dissatisfied to relatively happy, nothing much happens. Then, as satisfaction becomes more than just satisfaction and turns into enthusiasm, loyalty increases sharply,” Hohnen writes.

NIIT Technologies’ Media Services Customer Care teams help media companies address their two biggest challenges – loss of subscribers and drops in revenue. These challenges are closely linked, and the right solution can address both simultaneously.

The Customer Care team puts customer satisfaction at the forefront to build loyalty for media companies through efficiency, integration, and focus, ultimately increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

  • Efficiency – The Customer Care team improves subscribers’ experiences through multiple technology touch points. Handling voice, text, email, chat, and social media channels reduces clients’ operating expenses and improves marketing efficiency. NIIT Tech Media Services constantly researches the latest technologies in the media industry, with each Customer Care member trained in multiple functions to deliver quality service where, when, and how the customer wants.
  • Integration – With a great level of expertise, team members bring best practices from past experiences to current media clients. Teams also interact with other Media Services areas daily, consulting experts in multiple fields and applying new technologies and ideas to media clients. NIIT Technologies’ Ignite program allows any employee to submit process improvement suggestions, ensuring that the Customer Care team has the best resources available.
  • Focus – The Customer Care team’s size and 100% onshore presence allow programs and changes to take effect within hours compared to days. Media companies can focus resources on what they do best: creating and delivering content. The team provides this flexibility by handling subscribers’ questions and issues without the client needing to directly intervene.

Media companies need brand ambassadors for their customers. The Customer Care team can translate clients’ values and culture to their subscribers, building a seamless customer experience. Team members are trained in communicating media clients’ value to subscribers and turning would-be cancellations into sales opportunities. This level of service moves customers from satisfaction to enthusiasm, giving media clients more loyal subscribers and word-of-mouth referrals.


Learn how utilizing NIIT Media Technologies’ Customer Care team strengthens media companies’ service profit chains, building customer loyalty by repeatedly meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Media companies who utilize NIIT Technologies’ Integrated Media Services Platform solve their two biggest challenges – revenue and subscription losses. NIIT’s Customer Care teams retain and add subscribers, allowing clients to generate quality content and grow their revenue.

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