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Are Operational Activities Taking Your Focus Away from Your Core Mission?

NIIT Technologies’ internal research found that seven in 10 media companies spend 30% of their revenue and 20% of their time on operational and infrastructure activities. For media companies, creating quality content and adapting it to new technologies and platforms requires significant time and investment. In this constantly disrupted industry, companies can’t afford to sink a great amount of resources into managing business functions.

Media company CFOs must reduce the time and expense of managing finance and accounting activities. A crucial challenge is automating the time-consuming manual business transactions to increase productivity and efficiency by:

  • Focusing on overall process standardization and developing a specialized skill set for their organization.
  • Striving for systems that empower them to achieve higher measurable business value in terms of profitability and client experience.

To combat inefficiency and loss in revenues as well as to reduce operational costs, media companies today need a partner that offers a comprehensive portfolio of finance and accounting services.

Traditionally, finance & accounting has had a functional focus. However, an end-to-end process-driven approach is emerging as the model that promises more consistency, standardized delivery, and enterprise-wide integration.

In addition, the finance & accounting outsourcing (FAO) value proposition is moving beyond labor arbitrage to drive business and strategic impact through automation.

NIIT Technologies’ deep domain expertise in media services allows us to offer an end-to-end solution to design, deploy, manage, optimize, and improve business processes, including integration with and/or consolidation of multiple ERP systems.

Our Media Business Services platform integrates key business functions to help organizations realize a seamless transformation through its Business Process Management (BPM) layer by employing single user interface which allows easy navigation, centralized operations and a holistic view of business processes.

RPA technology is emerging as the biggest disruptive force to drive benefits across multiple dimensions – cost savings, efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and compliance. NIIT Technologies’ RPA strategy involves radical change through process transformation and effective change management alongside robotic implementation.

Our solution can automate internal and external applications on several layers: database, file system, API, business logic, and user interface – without the time and expense of full system integration. Linking automated ERP system modules takes hours or days using RPA instead of weeks and months. For example, by automating the accounts payable processes, NIIT Technologies has cut down manual back office entries across clients by more than 40% and provided batch processing benefits.

NIIT Technologies’ Media Business Services experience meets organizations’ finance, accounting, and compliance needs at lower price points, rescuing time and money for media’s core activities. Media clients of NIIT Technologies position themselves to grow during industry disruption, leveraging Business Services to lower costs, maintain compliance, and increase flexibility.


NIIT Technologies’ Media Business Services solution provides media clients the freedom to focus on their core mission: increasing sales and generating content. Learn how you can leverage Business Services for end-to-end back office management and lower costs by 25%.

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