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Applying the Product Mindset in Service Delivery

Service-oriented companies often find it difficult to instill a product mindset in their teams. This is because the engineers working on software development usually have an IT mindset. They work on serial projects that may go on from a few months to a year. Once a project is complete they shift to the next one. The software is seldom treated as a ‘product’ that needs to stay valuable long after delivery.

The product mindset is a modern approach based on the idea of developing one's own product applied in a context specific to offering IT services. The focus is on the outcome instead of the output. Teams involved can think of methodologies that they believe will bring out the best results for the clients. This helps in ensuring a sustainable pace for continual delivery of value.

To appreciate the concept of the “Product Mindset,” businesses need to know that a technology-based solution should not just function and support their processes on day zero of operations but must evolve along with the organization.

This implies that software codes produced by the development team have to be cohesive, testable, and maintainable even as the solution offered grows on scale. Every component of the software should be able to adapt to ever-changing business requirements. It should also support revenue and value generation as early as possible.

The main driver for delivering services with a product mindset is the co-creation of requirements around the customer and delivering service with smaller, empowered teams who will help evolve service as the business priorities change.

The product mindset strategy ensures:

  • Focus on attaining customer delight
  • Continuous balance between priority, risk, learning opportunities, and value in creating an ideal product
  • Increasing the revenues and ROI

Levers of Services with Product Mindset

For us, delivering “Services with Product Mindset” requires reinventing the operating model. The levers include moving toward digital factory, investment in automation, aligning IT with client’s business objectives, a change of mindset, and orienting the workforce to support the new shift.

Digital Factory: Achieving quality at highest velocity levels and innovation requires setting up a digital factory to support clients with digital initiatives. The digital factory has a lean startup mindset to achieve speed, scale, and continuous delivery

Business Aligned IT: The boundaries of application, infrastructure, and operations teams are getting converged through the use of cloud environments and SaaS products. Today, IT can no longer work in silos and it is imperative that operations are aligned to business for higher returns.

Automation: The importance of automation is ever-increasing with business requirements of faster, cheaper, and better service. In this digital age, automation is vital to match the pace of the changing requirements. NIIT Technologies has invested to create an integrated smart automation platform TRON covering all components of the IT lifecycle.

Talent Development: To enable services with product mindset, it is imperative to orient resources for the mindset change. There is a need to recognize that talent management has a very important role to play in embracing a product mindset. The strength lies in the workforce that is equipped to handle new roles, wider technology areas, and business insights.

Expectations from a Digital Service Delivery Model

A digital service delivery model driven by a “Product Mindset” does not merely digitize processes—it innovates the way services are delivered and consistently improves customer experience while enabling quicker realization of business goals.

At NIIT Technologies, we help clients by deploying digital service delivery models that streamline manual processes to improve service, minimize costs, and increase value for customers. Our digital service delivery models are inspired by a “Product Mindset”—they are fundamentally about creating a positive user experience; not merely focused on technology. They enable healthier interactions between organizations and their customers to make way for a better business relationship and enhanced value.

To learn more about the “Product Mindset” for better service deliveries, download our Whitepaper here

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