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5 Tips on Using Automation to Innovate in Publishing

Vendors in the Publishing vertical have always sold a form of automation or process improvement. Since the late 1970’s, several vendors were chasing this dream. Companies like Hastech brought early forms of News Pagination to the market, as well as Harris who adapted their ad product for pagination. I remember an ANPA panel discussion in the 80s where Jim Lennane, Founder of System Integrators Inc., told the audience that he was building a News Pagination (Sierra Pagination) product, with a plan to sell it based on a per page cost. He would own the systems, provide the applications, and then the newspapers would own the output. For the 80s, this was thinking ahead of its time. This SaaS business model failed as most publishers thought he was out of his mind. Jim later ran for the President of The United States, proving the publishers may have had a point—at least for  the Presidential Politics.

create, automate, innovate

Atex sold a classified pagination product in the 80s and 90s as did other vendors. These products could build multiple pages, flowing classified liners around inline display advertising. The phone room would close at 4:00 p.m. and the section was built less than an hour later. So where is this type of innovation for the content products today?

Today we use tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, some remnants of Quark, CCI Newsgate™, and others to build pages for both Print and Digital publications. We have solved the issue of content distribution to multiple platforms, but still rely on a process where one paginator is responsible for one page. Our current processes have been the same for the past 20 years, albeit, adding imaging capability, but little more.  It is time to innovate and discover new solutions for the publishing industry.

Automation can offer the next level of productivity gains needed for the Publishing industry.  Instead of one page to one page designer, we need one publication designer to one product. This would give news organizations more time to concentrate on context, not just content, driving more page views of digital and print.

Here are a few tips on how Automation can give organizations more time to improve efficiency of production in your publishing enterprise:

  1. Use Automation tools to translate statistical data into content, and then track the social media response.
  2. Use template versions of advertising, which will allow sales or customers to create their own message, reducing costs while speeding up the process.
  3. Use Image Enhancement Software to easily automate toning and application of color corrections needed for accurate print and digital publication.
  4. Use System Security Automation to support Hybrid Cloud implementations.
  5. Develop automation tools to complete the pagination process for the publishers.

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