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The growing complexities of the enterprise IT landscape has made it necessary for service organizations to differentiate themselves as true partners and be respected as value-adding advisors and IT experts whose employees can create increasingly valuable outcomes for their clients and clients’ customers.

NIIT Technologies, realizing the importance of driving a fundamental shift in employee thinking and behavior, rolled out a culture change program “Uplift Your Service (UYS)” by engaging Ron Kaufman, chairman and founder, UYS. Ron defined service as taking action to create value for customers. This definition resonated clearly with our top management who, combining it with their aspiration to become value-adding partners, created the new service vision “New Ideas, More Value.”

As part of this initiative, we educated (through UYS Education program) and recognized employees (through INSPIRE framework) and created IGNITE, an idea generation engine.

UYS Education

Around 9832 employees have already been trained. The UYS training is now an integral part of our induction program enabling newly hired resources to be oriented into the organization’s service vision.


In parallel with the UYS Actionable Service Education, we launched a collaborative virtual platform and idea engine “IGNITE.” This platform has lent us an unparalleled edge to continuously generate new ideas to deliver exceptional value for all our clients. We have, to date, generated about 6,867 ideas, out of which more than 1,321 have been implemented, resulting in superior value being delivered to the clients.


A new system of rewards and recognition “INSPIRE” was also put in place to imbue the culture of appreciation. Our role model nomination and recognition mechanism around the five behavioral traits—Think Customer, Challenges Status Quo, Unleash Ideas, Improve Continuously, Take Ownership—reinforces this culture change.

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