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Delivering Customer Value

Delivering Customer Value

NIIT Technologies is a global technology services provider driving international market growth with various industry-relevant solutions. Our focus on verticalized solutions helps us realize our vision to be the first choice of customers.

Businesses around the world are in the midst of rapid change with customer’s customers taking center stage, and digital technologies and new business models driving disruption. We are helping our clients transform to meet these dynamic and digital challenges through our focus on Smart IT, Superior Experience, and, Scale Digital.

We approach automation holistically across IT services through our enterprise automation platform to help our customers become more efficient, agile and responsive.

Our organization-wide culture-change initiative has triggered a radical shift in employee behavior and thinking, helping us deliver new ideas and exceptional value for all our clients.

As a leader in agile digital transformation, we not only help design agile digital operating models but also assist in scaling digital businesses of customers for creating empathetic experiences.