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It takes a robust cyber defense to manage new and emerging threats in the changing landscape of IoT, social, and mobile. Symantec produces software for security, storage, backup and availability - and offers professional services to support its software.

NIIT Technologies in partnership with Symantec addresses every stage of the attack lifecycle with industry-leading threat intelligence, advanced monitoring, incident response, and cyber skills development services. We provide organizations with a deeper understanding of the threat landscape so that they are more effective in addressing Cyber-attacks and reducing risk. Symantec has the largest commercial Global Threat Intelligence Network which enables organizations to understand adversaries, inform their security team, identify vulnerabilities and block malicious sites. This makes the organizations less reactive and more predictive in making better, faster decisions about evolving threats.

NIIT Technologies has a long-standing partnership with Symantec to provide industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to its global Clients.

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