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Newscycle Solutions was formed in 2013 through the merger of DTI, Saxotech, Atex AdBase and MediaSpan. Newscycle provides the most complete range of digital solutions for the global news media industry. The company serves more than 1,200 media companies with 8,000 properties in more than 45 countries across 6 continents. Organizations rely on Newscycle software throughout the year to generate more than US$10 billion in annual advertising revenue; to deliver more than 20 billion newspapers; and to produce billions of page views per year.

NIIT Media Technologies has worked closely with its’ customers in supporting Newscycle circulation systems, providing  hosting services, implementation and development services as well as operational support.  The most recent major endeavor involved the migration of several decentralized instances of an old circulation system to the latest version of Newscycle Circulation systems, including iServices and Digital Paymeter.

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