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Conformiq is a leading software technology company, focused on automating test automation, functional testing design and software quality. Conformiq’s Intelligent Test Automation solutions are designed to automate the entire testing processes from design to generation to execution with minimal human intervention. Our solution adapts quickly to new product requirements, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints. Thus, enabling High Quality@Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform.

Conformiq's e2e automation approach applies AI to Model Based Testing technology, which enables end-to-end test automation in software development lifecycle. This full automation is at the heart of Conformiq’s proposition: that you should never have to fall back on manual coding. With high level of test automation and low-test maintenance, Conformiq’s solution enables in-sprint test automation in agile software development.

Conformiq’s products integrate with all leading Test Automation and requirement management tools for e2e automation, from requirements to test execution, uniquely auto-generating data, executable scripts, validations, and traceability.

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