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NIIT Technologies is a Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) with BMC SOFTWARE.

BMC delivers software solutions that help IT transform digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive business advantage. BMC has worked with thousands of leading companies to create and deliver powerful IT management services.

From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC pairs high-speed digital innovation with robust IT industrialization—allowing customers to provide amazing user experiences with optimized IT performance, cost, compliance, and productivity.

BMC helps customers transform their businesses into digital enterprises with solutions that span the following key IT management disciplines critical for success in today’s digital economy:

Digital Service Management

The next step in the evolution of ITSM, Digital Service Management extends traditional models of request and support, to deliver a set of human-centric solutions and best practices that redefine the relationship between providers and consumers of digital services.

Digital Enterprise Automation

A comprehensive and policy-driven platform that can orchestrate and automate the configuration of: devices, servers, networks, workloads, middleware, cloud, big data, applications, and more.

Digital Service Assurance

A suite of intelligent, data-driven solutions that ensure digital services operate at the highest levels of performance and optimum capacity, helping to guarantee consumers the very best experience.

Digital Infrastructure Optimization

Solutions that bring a new level of industrial efficiency across technology infrastructure, helping to minimize the cost and resources needed to deliver high-performance, low-risk digital services.