Infrastructure Management Services

Today, the need of the hour is to transition non-core business activities, rethink infrastructure strategy and maintain IT infrastructure for both internal and external clients of an enterprise. An optimized infrastructure that is agile and flexible will help deliver measurable business value - enabling clients to adjust to changing business scenarios through IT.

NIIT Technologies helps you in your journey of smooth migration to an IT transaction model. We have aligned our IMS service vision “Enable Continuous Delivery” with our organization’s service vision “New Ideas, More Value”, to leverage new technologies and derive business value. Our new Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Delivery Framework “CARE” serves all your IT infrastructure needs - keeping in mind your business objectives right from the bid process stage through transition, transformation and transaction.

IMS C.A.R.E Delivery Framework

This framework will help your organization align your business expectations with technology features. It keeps clients’ front-end and back-end business processes up to date and agile - enabling them to harness the perfect conduit between business value and assurance. This new age ITIL-compliant framework aligns the IT goals of the organization with those of the business for planning, implementation and management of the infrastructure places increased emphasis on business process performance and service continuity.

With a robust delivery framework and focus on innovation, NIIT Technologies’ Infrastructure Management Services empower enterprises with new technologies to optimize their IT infrastructure. Our IMS offerings include:

care delivery framework

Why Partner with NIIT Technologies?

  • We enable automation/service orchestration to reduce errors associated with manual tasks
  • We maintain a balance between value addition and risks undertaken through our equal focus on agility, enablement vs. compliance and risk mitigation
  • Our change management approach follows the - "less is more" - theory. Less disruption, reduced time to migrate, fewer people because of automation and processes ensures more chances of success that are not cookie based approach 
  • We track the success of the project rather than only focusing on project constraints

We focus on developing business-level SLAs relevant to your priorities. Our continuous service improvement approach gives tangible improvement on service levels over a period of time.

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