Geographical Information Services(GIS)

Proven experience in seamless integration of GIS and computing facilities to develop the best and most optimal solutions

Serving the needs of global GIS markets through focused, innovative, efficient and quality products and services in all areas of spatial technology and applications that can be based on ESRI technology.

At NIIT Technologies, we believe GIS is the technology that will enable organizations across verticals to make informed decisions about any location. It provides a strong framework in which GIS data can be gathered to support and manage generation of spatial information. GIS information, thus, generated can be easily integrated with the business strategies of the organization. A GIS is not an end in itself but can be a beginning – a beginning of better decisions, effective actions, cost-competitive work-flows, transparent governance and much more.

Why Partner with NIIT Technologies?

Bringing horizontal and vertical integration of satellite/aerial Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GPS Applications, Geo-databases, GIS Applications, GIS web-services and GIS Portals and Enterprise GIS solutions. Having experience in seamless integration of spatial technology and conventional IT solutions.

Highly customer-centric, our team goal themselves to develop the best and most optimal solutions for each client - be it a small mapping activity, a geodatabase designing and organizing activity, a GIS Applications development or implementing full-scale system integration solution for an Enterprise.

Have the best of GIS and computing facilities with a variety of ARCGIS platforms and GIS Test Beds that form the core knowledge chain for GIS Applications and solutions, host of GIS Content generation facilities – facilities for mapping from aerial and satellite images, photogrammetry systems, GPS systems and related IT Infrastructure.

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