Digital Integration

Digital Integration

Successful digital execution requires the integration of digital with other digital or non-digital platforms. Excellence in digital integration is one of our key Digital Pillars and increasingly becoming a critical capability.  Incessant, a part of NIIT Technologies, is a leader in Pega- and Appian-based integration and business process management.

Digital integration is achieved via middleware or APIs, although the difference is increasingly blurring through both capability and product marketing. NIIT Technologies has deep experience and capability in both these strategies.

Legacy Integration

One of the most widespread digital to non-digital integrations is integration of digital experiences to legacy application and data. This is a massive endeavor for leading organizations that need to “wrap” their existing applications in APIs to enable their businesses. Typically, digital to legacy integration is achieved via middleware tools such as Mulesoft, Oracle Fusion, or IBM Websphere ESB (a custom web services layer), or a combination of these.

The API Economy

The API economy enables the new emerging world of “plug and play” Digital Operating Models (DOMs), where digital business components are connected by standard APIs. By wrapping legacy systems in APIs and taking appropriate security and performance measures, companies can speed the development of new products and services and allow use of their legacy capabilities inside and outside the company.

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Alliances & Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to strengthen our Digital Integration.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Efficient process orchestration is delivered to streamline and automate processes and ensure operational efficiency
  • Global Expertise: Proven global expertise helps in producing creatively tailored digital operating models by interconnecting multiple digitally-enabled components.
  • Customer satisfaction: The offerings are designed keeping in mind the unique and varied customer-centric demands, driving better customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Reduced operational expenditure: Increased operational efficiency is achieved with a comprehensive solution that ensures uniformity across disintegrated applications. Legacy enablement strategies avoid excessive expense replacing complex and difficult to replicate business systems.
  • Digital Experience Enablement: Digital experiences are enabled through legacy integration middleware.
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