With the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, software and associated data are hosted on the Cloud. It enables applications to be used by end-user companies in three ways: on tap, on demand, or “as and when required.”

NIIT Technologies’ Process Easy suite is designed to help you optimize your processes, shorten cycle times, and increase RoI. Process Easy employs a flexible model, built around the “shared services” concept where enterprises can use a common pool of customized IT applications. This enables full functionality of business processes such as Sales and Distribution, Finance, and HR Management and Payroll.

At any given point of time, innumerable critical decisions are being taken within organizations that affect their bottom-line and ability to generate revenues, control expenses and manage risk. NIIT Technologies’ leverages its cloud computing services to offer ‘Predictive Analytics’ to its customers in a secure, flexible and on-demand model.

Building on top of cloud hosting services, we also provide pre-configured services to get our customers online and connect instantly. On a virtual platform built within a data center, these services provide customers with Internet services such as email and Web publishing functions.

Business Benefits

  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Secure, flexible and on-demand model
  • Saves cost on technology infrastructure investment


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