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Travel Distribution Solutions & Services

Travel distribution enterprises are looking for innovative ways to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Continual change is vital in such a dynamic market, where survival does not ensure profitability. It is imperative to have operational efficiency, flexibility, and innovation to stay aligned or ahead of industry trends. NIIT Technologies enables leading travel distribution enterprises, online travel agencies, and travel management companies globally to mitigate industry challenges with its technology solutions and services. With over decade of experience in this industry, we have enabled over 10% of global travel ecommerce.

We support travel distribution companies across their value chain:

  • Digital Ecommerce
  • Distribution and connectivity
  • Sales and service
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Mid and back office

Our service offerings include application development and maintenance, application managed services, digital services, infrastructure management services, analytics, business process services and testing services.

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