NDC promises a favorable impact on airline-traveler relationship. The ability to identify a consumer in initial phase of sales process across different sales channels will allow airlines to dynamically construct and offer personalized products. This will facilitate customized shopping; making it easier for consumers to purchase airline ancillaries such as priority boarding, onboard Wi-Fi, access to airport lounges and many more.

Continuous mapping of customers’ buying behavior with their profile will not only empower airlines with greater insights into consumer behavior for devising more consumer centric sales and service strategy but will also benefit the consumer with access to personalized fare quotes, wide range of airline products and services and increased transparency in purchases.

NIIT Technologies has been involved with the NDC initiative, and is actively participating in various IATA NDC workgroups. We provide consulting and IT services for airlines, TMC and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for implementing NDC.  

Key Features:

  • Business Consulting in the area of NDC adoption, Gap analysis, recommended solutions and defining solution approach
  • Modeling critical business processes impacted by NDC
  • Development of proof of concepts to validate the NDC fitment for your organization. This involves development of interfaces and changes to your existing systems for PSS, Revenue Accounting, Loyalty, etc
  • Development of NDC complaint Merchandising & Personalization Engine for your Airline

Business Benefits

  • A partner with Airlines and Travel Domain expertise: NIIT Technologies has been working with some of the world’s leading travel distribution companies, having executed projects in Reservation, Ticketing, Fares, Interline, online travel portals, integration for non-air products, fare search engines, merchandising, corporate booking portal and customer analytics and reporting, front-mid-back office systems, multi GDS connectivity, accounting and reconciliation. Benefits of our partnership include reduction in cycle time, innovation aligned to the nature of your business and the ability of NIIT Technologies’ team to take up team leadership roles within your project.
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts: Our consultants would engage with you during project inception stage to analyze impact of NDC, thereby identifying the gaps and areas of business process improvement.
  • IATA Strategic Partnership and NDC experience: Being part of NDC core workgroups, we provide NDC implementation best practices, access to SMEs and NDC specialists, and learnings from other projects. This would benefit your organization in solving critical NDC implementation issues related to business processes and IT systems.
  • Access to Quality Frameworks: NIIT Technologies will leverage extensive experience of building and consolidating industry leading solutions for airline CRS systems. Our teams will engage with your organization to work towards ensuring quality of your solution and reduction of testing effort by using our re-suable assets for faster delivery.
Connect with us: marketing@niit-tech.com