The insurance industry is at a crossroads. Having traditionally been intermediary-centric, it is suddenly finding itself in the midst of a very knowledgeable customer market. The realization that the onus of attracting, servicing and maintaining the end customer is increasingly on the carrier, is emerging. The industry continues to grapple with challenges of increasing regulations and standards, and the need to operate profitably and efficiently while capitalizing on all possible growth opportunities. Managing increased volumes of data and generating relevant analytics from structured and unstructured data is seen as the key to addressing these changes and challenges.

With two decades of experience in providing IT services and solutions to insurers, NIIT Technologies will help you to organize and use business data effectively to make informed decisions at the right time.

NIIT Technologies’ Insurance practice brings experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry to provide end-to-end services and solutions across:

Our solutions span application development and management, implementation services, infrastructure management services, business process outsourcing and digital consulting services to insurers globally.

NIIT Technologies’ flagship insurance product platform is  AdvantageSuite  which provides ready-to-deploy commercial insurance solutions. The suite includes components such as policy administration, claims management, reinsurance and exposure management.

Why Partner with NIIT Technologies?

  • Right blend of technical and functional expertise
  • Experience in both modern and legacy technologies
  • Ability to develop talent in any technology or platform
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
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