Banking & Financial Services
Banking & Financial Services

The banking and financial services industry recognizes that the “Uber moment” in financial services is approaching. Technology is “an unstoppable force” that could improve customer service, risk management, and efficiency, and see new banks become household names.

While making these points, Antony Jenkins, the former CEO of Barclays, also warned that incumbents risk becoming merely capital-providing utilities that operate in a highly regulated, less profitable environment, a situation unlikely to be tolerated by the shareholders.

The financial services industry needs digital distribution of products and services with an omnichannel experience for shifting consumer behaviors in a “digitally integrated frictionless ecosystem” to stay likable, compliant, and profitable.

NIIT Technologies can help banks and financial services firms adopt this new digital operating model, with its services, solutions, and alliances. With the right blend of industry and technology expertise, we help your business transform faster while remaining profitable.

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We provide a wide range of best-in-class solutions and effective services that are spread across the Banking and Financial Services value chain.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Industry expertise in front, mid, and back-office business processes
  • Digital capability encompassing strategic alliances, services, and solutions
  • Experience in serving 150+ financial institutions, US $1.5 T+ AUM, 6000+ advisors and 1.5 M+ end-customers through our clients
  • Integrated services capability spanning technology, digital, automation, infrastructure, operations, and product engineering
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